For Investors: SmartREIT Investment Platform, App

What is SmartREIT for Investors?

SmartREIT was created for forward thinkers, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and all investors who dare to own a real piece of real estate, in square meters of a specific property, that is entitling investors to all the advantages of real estate, including dividends, profit share and appreciation, without the responsibility of managing the property!

SmartREIT [SREIT] is a PRIVATE DIGITAL ASSET platform, based on Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract, which provides Fractionalized Property Ownership (FPO) to accredited and non-accredited investors.

How SmartREIT Private Digital Asset Offering Works?

1. We Buy & Build:

SmartREIT LTD. (Smart Real Estate Investment Trust) finds and closes the deals, builds and/or buys properties, negotiates the financing.

2. You Invest:

After the deal is closed and the property is built, Accredited & Non-Accredited Investors become partners in the actual real estate. This is not a traditional trust or REIT, not a gaming fund, ETF, bond or stock; this is real Fractionalized Property Ownership (FPO). After the property is bought and built, Investors can own a certain amount of square meters of the property.

3. We Collect Rent from Tenants & Property Buyers:

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly income through rental payments from our creditworthy tenants (private persons and businesses) through our SmartRENT program. We sell properties to people, families, etc., through our SmartLOAN program, which include a secure Buy-Back program.

4. The Investor Gets Paid:

a). The investors then get paid through MONTHLY DIVIDENDS from the rent. When a property is sold, the investors get profit from that property sale.

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